Cheap Arpg Activity rolls

Apr 21, 2021, 7:47:09 PM | 2 minutes

Kageh's Cheap Activity Rolls

I am running a speical deal for activity rolls due to me needing to get a new computer. My really old computer is currently dying and the video card is pretty much toast. So to continue to count AP for dracostryx I need a computer and I'm hoping I can get some extra funds to help with that.

My friend has recently upgraded his computer is going to give me is old parts but I still need to get some parts for it. I plan on using his old stuff to get a system up and running then I can take my time on replacing some of the older parts he is giving me at my own pace. 


Here is my shopping list (in USD)

Desk for computer (I haven't had a desk for a year)- $85 Its ordered and on the way!

Windows license- $139

Video Card- $450

Hard Drives- $300 (about $150 each)

Power Supply- $140

Monitors- ~$200

Processer- ~$300 (or less not exactly sure)

Goal: 95/1500 (roughly)


Drawing Schedule

I will most likely only draw on my days off. My current days off are

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. 



  • USD only via invoice on Paypal (Payment is expected up front unless otherwise negotiated or stated)
  • No refunds for these at this time
  • There are no deadlines for these. I work 40-60 weeks so these will be done on my days off it I feel like drawing. I will keep you updated.
  • Full TOS is located here.
  • Please fill out the form below to request them.
  • I will do Hunting, Fishing, Scavenging, or Quests (I will use my rider for the quests cause she is easy to draw)


Black and White- $2 per roll min order of $6 (3 rolls)


[Stryx] 1 2 3 Not me!

*click on it to see the full view


Colored Acitivty rolls- $5 per roll min order of $5


Fruit Delivery

*click the image to see the full view



Link to stryx import: (dA or PD link)

What type?: (BW or Color?)

What Acitivty?: (hunting, fishing, scavening, or quests)

You okay with other stryx or other arpg speices in the roll?:  (Yes or No)

Your Paypal:



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