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  • [ONGOING] Collective Roleplay - Festival of Frost

    As required by the Festival of Frost event hosted by DracoStryx ARPG, three of us partnered for the Roleplay section of the event.

    This work gathers our entries throughout the weeks we participated in.

    [user16801] [user19600] [user20331]

    Last updated Feb 8, 2023
    Total Chapters 6
  • Festival of Frost: The Thief

    Mortifer and Victor, after arriving at the village in time to see the aftermath of the avalanche, try to help the victims. Well, Victor does, Mortifer has less good intentions.


    Victor belongs to [user20331], Mortifer to me (pending transfer/name change)

    Last updated Jan 25, 2023
    Total Chapters 1
  • Tribute Masterbook

    A collection of all my Dracostryx Tributes that I write

    Last updated Jan 18, 2023
    Total Chapters 3
  • The Prince's Tutor

    Tribute I for Mezoge (Goby Diver on import; name change pending): the Prince of the Blue studies and shows off magic.

    Ft. my as-yet-unnamed Nokt harpia as a local wizard.

    Last updated Jan 16, 2023
    Total Chapters 1
  • Usta Training

    Training prompts for Usta 12289.  Will have three parts when completed, 1/3 finished.

    Last updated Jan 11, 2023
    Total Chapters 1
  • Demy Raffle

    I'm thinking about moving my raffle here so that everyone can click follow, and I'm sure this won't be my last raffle :>

    Last updated Jan 2, 2023
    Total Chapters 2
  • A Holiday Story

    A little short story I threw together while in the spirit of the Holidays

    Last updated Dec 30, 2022
    Total Chapters 1
  • Career

    Career prompts.

    Last updated Dec 4, 2022
    Total Chapters 3
  • Ignac | Training

    Tier III: Confidence - 1009 words

    Last updated Nov 27, 2022
    Total Chapters 1
  • Dangerous Wisps

    Jade and Neo are awoken by a strange sound within Sanctuary's home base, and end up meeting a new acquaintence, one who leads them to a rather interesting find.

    Last updated Nov 15, 2022
    Total Chapters 1
  • Colours of Orange

    For Dracostryx's Great Harvest Event.

    Last updated Nov 13, 2022
    Total Chapters 5
  • Lost Souls

    For Dracostryx's Great Harvest event.

    Last updated Nov 13, 2022
    Total Chapters 5
  • Operation Brew a Buddy

    For Dracostryx's Great Harvest event.

    Last updated Nov 9, 2022
    Total Chapters 1
  • Great Harvest 2022

    Entries for the Great Harvest 2022 event on Dracostryx

    Last updated Nov 3, 2022
    Total Chapters 2
  • Stranded

    August monthly challenge for Dracostryx that didn't end up getting finished before the art I started for it did, so it's probably just a scavenging roll now.


    Nebulosa, waking up on a barren tropical island, ends up meeting an unexpected friend, and discovering a strange phenomenon.

    Last updated Oct 30, 2022
    Total Chapters 1
  • Anomalous Readings and Other Worlds

    Standby. Still finagling with Writing Beta. Just when you think you have things figured out...


    Nikola the Synth is being transported from the testing grounds on Attaraxia to the biosphere ship The Epitome when his transport ship is rocked with an anomaly in time and space.


    Nikola, Agent Gray, Arroyo, Reggae, Malachi, and Zeb (c) me

    Alpha (c) @Nataku

    Last updated Oct 24, 2022
    Total Chapters 5
  • Exile Tribute Set

    Tribute set for Exile, Gulo, and Asher with Xibalba as a guide.

    Last updated Oct 21, 2022
    Total Chapters 3
  • Quackery

    Malachi takes some buddies scavenging and they discover some medicine of a bygone time. And some shinies.


    Malachi, Zeb (c) me

    Vidar (c) @Silverjays

    Starlit, Onyx (c) @SilveryStormWing

    Last updated Oct 18, 2022
    Total Chapters 2
  • Why should I worry

    Last updated Oct 17, 2022
    Total Chapters 1
  • Tastes like cotton candy

    Last updated Oct 17, 2022
    Total Chapters 1