Career: Prompt 1

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Career prompts.

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Chapter 1: Prompt 1

Left made her way to the stables, intending to check in on her stryx. It was breeding season, and she knew how stryx got during this season. She wasn’t prepared for whatever fight she would have to stop. She patted her fanny pack, making sure she had whatever supplies she would need. As she pushed the door open to the stables, immediately she heard the sounds of a fight. The cawing and hooting brought her attention to further down in the stables. It would seem that two stryx had in fact started fighting. She quickly made her way down deeper into the stables, passing other stryx either preparing their nest or resting. They all watched her walk past- peering at her curiously as she headed towards the fight. She finally approached the fight leaning over the gate that separated Left and the stryx. Gazing closely at, the silver Raptor, Silk and the dark Tyto, Nej were fighting each other. It would seem they both wanted this area of the stables and were arguing over it. Silk was puffed up, making herself look bigger as she cawed up at the Tyto, eyes flashing with anger as she stomped her feet, attempting to look intimidating. Nej on the other hand was standing tall, wings outstretched and eyes glaring down at Silk. She was doing her best to make herself look as tall and big as possible. She hooted at Silk again in warning. Left watched to two’s standoff, not sure if she should get involved yet- it would seem as if they were just having a dispute, it hadn’t turned dangerous yet. Just as the rider had thought that, Nej had reacted. She leapt into the air, wings flapping as she charged down at the Raptor, claws outstretched to grab onto Silk. Silk reared back standing as tall as possible.Silk faced Nej head on and lurched her head further to try and grab onto Nej. The Raptor finally managed to grab onto the Tyto’s neck and held on. Nej hooted in anger, feeling the Raptor grab on her neck as she shot her foot out clawing at Silver’s neck, making Silver release her in surprise. The two leapt back again- Once again at a standoff. There was blood dripping off them at different parts. Left realized then she should get involved. Left quickly jumped up over the gate, dashing to the two birds as they appeared to be rearing up for another attack. She stood in between the two.She thrusted her hands to try and keep the two as far apart as possible.
“That’s enough!” Left called out, the stryx looking surprised at her opinions. They quickly got over their surprise and once again began glaring at each other, hooting and cawing at each other again. They began to circle slightly as if to find a way to attack each other without hitting Left. Left followed by circling with them-not risking them leaping at each other again. As Left circled with them she was racking her brain with ways to calm these two down, Silk herself wasn’t very aggressive while Neh was aggressive. Meaning Nej was the one who started this fight most likely. She hoped that if she could calm Nej down Silk would calm as well. She quickly moved one of her hands to her pack, looking for the treats she kept in there. She quickly slipped some out of the bag and switched them to Nej’s side, waving them slightly. The Tyto perked in interest at the treat. Her eyes darted between the treat and Silk, while she wanted the nest- she did enjoy being pampered and spoiled more. She gingerly took the treat from Left’s hand, settling slightly. Seeing her plan was working, Left grabbed another treat and showed it to Nej. Seeing the Tyto calm was causing Silk to calm as well, seeming to relax realizing that Nej seemed to be giving up the attack. Left slowly used the treats to lead Nej outside of the area they were in and to another unoccupied area in the stables. As she finally got the Tyto to settle at a nest away from the Raptor she gave her some pets and a few more treats before leaving the area to find Silk. She found the raptor settling around the territory she claimed as her own. Left smiled and began petting the Raptor and giving her some treats as well so she didn’t feel left out.

“You alright now girl?” She asked the large bird as Silk laid down enjoying the attention, Silk chirped happily in response. Left chuckled.

“Let’s hope that's the last fight of the season.” She hummed as she threaded her hand through Silk’s feathers. The raptor shook out her feathers, settling down into the nest as she flopped onto her side, looking like she was about to take a nap. Left laughed.

“Alright I’ll leave you be, have a nice rest.” She grinned, giving Silk one last pet as she left the area, now that that was dealt with she could finally check in on the other stryx.


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