You are an Angel

Posted Jan 25, 2007, 8:10:20 PM
Someone told him - "You are an angel". He thought that it was ridiculus at first but then he thought more and more about it... Will he see his wings in a mirror? Or will he loose them once he does?

Whew.... It took A LOT of time. It is a limit of my patience for a pic. A new record ha-ha...

Please comment - I want to hear severe critique. I'm still editting it a bit, though I'm already sick of it.

PS - close-up if you are interested

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  • Feb 3, 2007
    I must say, I love the texture on the snakes, and the way you did the pants. I find the colours a little too vibrant though, especially the shoes; probably because the contrast in this is so great.

    Hey wait a sec, I just his arm behind his body? It looks like it could be but I'm not sure.
    Again, fabulous snakies...I like their eyes too, now that I think about it. The way they all look at him as if they're planning on doing something to him...I like it! Big Smile But then...I just really like snakes, so. Laughing
    • Feb 4, 2007
      Yes, the arm is behind him - I tried the pose myself 10 times at the mirror and never seen it... I guess it should look like this.
      The texture on snakes is simply a photoshop filter) I'd never had patience enough to draw that myself.
      And I already realized my big mistake about the colors ))
  • Jan 31, 2007
    oh and awesome job on the snakes by the way. they look awesome.
  • Jan 26, 2007
    The image is far too dark.Mad If I squint I can see crosses in the backround,but the middle ground (aka the rock) blends in with the backround! So while the angel is bright and the snakes melt into the picture, there's only 2 levels of contrast-incredibly bright or incredibly dark. You completly leave out normal light, middle tone,and normal dark. (Not the exact names, but you get the point. 5 elements of shading.)You can still have a dark picture but you need to even it out. There's halftone on the snakes and angel, but the rock and foreground should have some normal dark and halftone.
    • Jan 26, 2007
      Thank you for suck a detailed comment)

      Hmmm it was sort of meant to be this way... I tried to make clear contrast between the angel and everything else. And didnt bother with the details and shading the rock so that the most attention would be on his face.

      But you aren't the only one who didn't like it so I guess I failed with this idea ) I'll keep it in mind next time )
      • Jan 26, 2007
        If at first you don't succeed, try and try again! Wink The contrast was just a little to high is all.
    • Jan 31, 2007
      I agree with some of the comments made by eegirlee. I think the background's contrast is too low. I didn't notice the crosses at all until I read her crit. In general it is a good idea to have the background have less contrast to create atmospheric perspective and depth, but i think in this case, there isn't enough contrast between the red and black for the cross. Part of this could be due to your monitor's settings. On your monitor, it may be clear as day that the crosses are separate from the background, but on everyone elses it's different. look into calibrating your monitor.
      • Feb 1, 2007
        You guessed just right - crosses look neat on my iMac and rather good when printed.
        I checked other computers too and saw the background almost black...

        Thank you for the comment )




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