Posted Nov 27, 2007, 9:35:46 AM

Yuuko, as copied from a chapitre artwork from 'Tsubasa Chronicles" by CLAMP. from chapitre.19

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  • Dec 29, 2007
    I love this type of artwork! This pic reminds me why I love to draw ^_^
  • Jan 17, 2008
    nice work,I especially like how you did her hair, only crit is that I think it would look even better if you made the dark parts even darker to give the pic more contrast.
    • Jan 17, 2008
      thankyou Smile. yeah i was thinking about making it darker, and i might yet, we shall see...hopefully ill get the time! thanks again
      • Jan 17, 2008
        most welcome,making it darker was just a suggestion,its also nice as it is.