Quest For Improvement - Shisou

Posted Apr 15, 2008, 1:21:12 AM

Be scared. One on the left done over/around 5 years ago, the right done today.
I still have a long way to go...

Looking at this, I know I've improved, but I wonder in what sense exactly. Perhaps my feel of anatomy, etc, but at the same time I feel woefully inadequate. I actually redid the picture on the right one other time before getting to something I could tolerate, and even then, what I wanted was to redraw the picture on the left and I still am fairly upset with it in that sense. Perhaps it was only because I really have just changed that much, and so has Shisou. He may just be refusing to be drawn like that because for one - he doesn't use a Dante-esque sword, and two, his guns are a rare appearance. He prefers his Sephiroth-rip-off sword (like, once in every 8 blue moons), or just using his powers. XD Damn, sounds like a Mary-Sue. I swear he isn't. ;_; also really, really reminds me of what really got him out onto paper. It really WAS a picture of Dante from the first DMC, if I remember right (I wish I had that first picture, omg, I can picture it in my head. XD; ), then I think basically the next picture of him WAS that picture on the left. The SECONDEST picture EVAR. XD If I'm right. He had way more Sephiroth-oldie bangs then, looked a lot more like him, and had sheer black hair, with red eyes, 6'1, wore the typical badassery wear (which is more like what a bouncer wears, actually - the tight white shirt, black pants and trenchcoat...), had way less tattoos to a point in time (long story), was really self centered, and I mean really C8. Then he evolved in a story slowly to this...thing that has nowadays become the picture on the right.
He's gone from being HUGELY "emo/angsty/extremely temperamental" to something that still looses its temper, but is a stubborn bastard, dedicated, growly, playful, relaxed and somewhat monogamous. He's also gotten a lot more filled out, background wise. He MAKES MOAR SENSE NOWZ. 8C
Dammit. Need to draw more of him as he is now, but with like...other things around him so he is understood. I'm so much of a character artist, it's insane. ;_; I'm horrid.

...and what I wrote is schizophrenic. PH34R. 0o0/
Shisou's mine and I loves him for he is my baby.

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  • Apr 14, 2008
    chicka, if you feel inadequate about your beautiful art, look around my gallery for awhile. lol. traditional medias are just less appreciated these days because of comp gen being easier to view online, but trad. media still rocks.
    • Apr 14, 2008
      You shouldn't be so hard on yourself, really. I'm not all that much and what I've done, I've spent fucking forever at what I've done. Seriously. I draw so much, it's disgusting at times... ^^;
      *sigh* I guess a lot at times, I don't think I really have, even seeing this... It's probably a lot to do with the computer against traditional. Computer...looks gorgeous in comparison to that which traditional artists put up.
      • Apr 14, 2008
        i know, it burns me that so many trad. artists can't get recognition over the net without getting a professional to convert them. which is costly and pointless if you can only afford a free website gallery like this one. sorry bout that rant, had to get it out sometime. its been building for awhile. XD
        • Apr 14, 2008
          Rant? Psh. I could go on for forever about it, I'm feeling it particularly keenly right now.. *sigh*