Gundam - A Quiet Place

Posted Jul 5, 2008, 3:33:20 AM

Good old Gundam Wing fanart
<3 Zechs Noin used to be my favorite. Too bad they didn't get a whole lot of attention back then. <3 but here's a tribute to them long after the fandom has died.

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  • Jul 4, 2008
    OMG You liked Noin and Zechs!? Eeeeee! *explodes and snuggles all over this, going into fangirl mode* OMG, this makes me so much retarded HAPPY. ;_; *bawls* SO. SO CUTE. Aggghhh~
    • Jul 4, 2008
      lmao yes indeed. I have Zechs posters in my room too XD but it has Zechs and Relena(gag) wish it was Noin instead
      • Jul 5, 2008
        vwv I freaking REJOICE out of utter joy to know this. *HUGGLES ALL OVER*
        ;_; OMG, it makes me so retarded happy to know...

        Heh, maybe you should draw your own? You're certainly good enough, you know. Big Smile~
  • Jul 5, 2008
    Go Gundam Wing! Worship It was the show that sparked my anime craze Smile

    Great job Zyephen people could easily mistake this for an actual scene from the show Thumbs Up , i know i did Smile
  • Jul 7, 2008
    This is really, really good! I love the colors - especially the sky's colors. Great job! Smile
  • Jul 17, 2008
    I love this pairing! This is a nice pic of them, just being in a quiet spot together, how often does THAT happen. Smile
  • Sep 3, 2008
    I like it a lot. Very pretty and peaceful Smile
  • Jan 22, 2009
    Man'o'man does that take me back. Yes they were awesome and did not get the love they deserved. Love the atmosphere and the quiet relaxation that they have around each other- it really captures their relationship I think. &lt;3