Metamorphosis - Justinian

Posted Feb 5, 2009, 9:24:28 PM

Justinian is a planetar, the second most powerful in the ranks of aasimon, celestials, and angels in the Planescape setting. Planetars rank above all other celestials except solars.

In my upcoming comic, Metamorphosis, Justinian serves as a foil and a moderately antagonistic figure in Lasc's fight to rise above his evil nature and become good. Though not a major character in the overall story, the planetar will play a large part in Lasc's struggle for redemption.

Planetars are recognizable by their emerald skin and hairless bodies. As aasimon, they possess a majesty and presence awes many lesser beings. They are eager to fight evil wherever they see it and often wade directly into battle despite having a large array of magical and angelic powers.

Planetars © Wizards of the Coast open source gaming
Justinian & Artwork © Micah Weltsch

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  • Feb 5, 2009
    This is neat. I like the armor and the green skin.
    • Feb 5, 2009
      Thank you! I settled on a planetar mostly because they have that bright emerald skin
  • Feb 6, 2009
    That's not a DND type campaign is it?
    • Feb 7, 2009
      Sure is! He's going to be a character in a D&D-based webcomic I'm working on.
      • Feb 8, 2009
        Oh- are you posting it here? Which DND is it based on? DND 3.5? 4? some older version?
        • Feb 8, 2009
          Well it is based on Planescape, which is a D&D setting that came out in 2e, but hasn't gotten a whole lot of love since then. Still, it's where a LOT of the outsider type monsters came from originally.

          I'll be posting it here Big Smile Hopefully I'll be ready to go by this summer