Exalted - Three Solars

Posted Apr 23, 2009, 3:13:54 PM

Three Solar Exalted characters for an Exalted game I've recently started.

In the front we have Dart Aylomon, a Night Caste Solar and my character. A Gem native, he's a distant relative of House Arbani, but got hired by the Guild and moved to the Nexus. He spent a lot of time working as a saboteur who specializes in firedust engineering -- that is, explosives and demolitions. Since moving to Nexus, he's developed a strong interest in the Magitech wonders of the First Age and has achieved a high position within the Guild in part because of his understanding of First Age engineering.

The lady in the blue dress is Felice, a Twilight Caste Solar. Formerly a Northern tribeswoman, she saw her tribe virtually wiped out by a rival tribe. She took an exodus away from her tribal lands and eventually became a powerful and very wealthy sorceress with a manse. She's come to Nexus to seek knowledge and always travels in the company of Ariel, her snow leopard familiar. Played by ~NeoTiamat99

The buff armored gal is Deshkana, a Dawn Caste Solar from the Neck in the West. After she Exalted while defending her tribe from pirates, she left home to seek her fortune amid the Western oceans. Something of a self-styled Tya warrior, she eventually became a mercenary and her travels took her down to Gem. There, she frequently worked with Dart as hired muscle and accompanied him to Nexus when he left his hometown. Played by ~earthsprite. You can see her rendition of Deshkana here: [link]

This is my circle so far! It may or may not expand, but we've got a bunch of NPCs lurking in the background already!

I tried my best to copy some of the styling the Exalted artists use. I personally think it shows the most in Dart, but I practiced adapting it to the other two. The Exalted artists have some brilliant coloring and posing techniques that are very, very inspiring. Now that I have the Exalted Art Book, I am looking forward to getting a lot more inspiration! I love artbooks :)

Artwork © Micah Weltsch (*kaitou-kage)

Background texture stock from here: [link]

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