Metamorphosis - Sebazzar

Posted Feb 8, 2009, 3:56:56 PM

Sebazzar is a molydeus, a breed of police demon that actively seeks out other demons defecting from the Blood War. Though balors technically rank above them, even balors are subject to a marauding molydeus's enforcement.

In the upcoming comic, Metamorphosis, Sebazzar serves as the other foil in Lasc's story and the evil counterpart to Justinian. Though not a major character in the story, Sebazzar will play a major part in Lasc's quest for redemption.

Molydei look like tall, muscled, red-skinned humanoids with two heads. One head, the wolf head, looks forward, while the other head, the snake, looks backward. Their signature weapons are the giant axes that are bound to them. A molydeus will tirelessly pursue anyone that takes his axe, and the axe disappears when the molydeus is killed.

Planetars © Wizards of the Coast
Sebazzar & Artwork © Micah Weltsch

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