Posted Sep 30, 2006, 2:00:56 AM
This is my jack the ripper. I was looking at Victorian mens clothes, and i was inspired to darw this. I realize his face isnt horribly malace. But I like it, maybe he is luring someone.... haha

Well I am getting FallenAngel to write me a little poem to go on the black side, and that is why its in the WIP catagory...... haha

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  • Oct 2, 2006
    You know my take on historical clothes... *wipes drool from chin*

    I absolutely Heart this picture!
    • Oct 5, 2006
      hehehe i know, the poem has been writtin i just need to put it all together now!!
  • Oct 2, 2006
    We need more hot guys who are willing to walk around in Victorian-style clothing on a daily basis. Slant Hmm..
    Anyway, love the border, and the inking in general is awesome! Grin
    • Oct 5, 2006
      yes, yes we do! I think I will make my fiance where this for Halloween....

      Thank you, Minimaid let me use her awesome pens!!
  • Oct 1, 2006
    Pretty sweet. I've always had a love for the Victorean look of dress, Top hats and canes and such.
  • Sep 30, 2006
    very very nice clothing!
    cute guy too - even if he is jack the ripper. XD
    love the way you inked it.
    • Sep 30, 2006
      You dant help but love men with long hair and historical clothes!! ( I think its the top hat, we need more men around with top hats...) Tongue

      Thanks, though i have to give credit to minimaid because they were her pens!! Smile
  • Sep 29, 2006
    I -so- love what my pens did with you and that border... I think I mixed up my words there somehow. Nevertheless, I love the border, dahling! Wink

    Are you going to calligraph the poem, too??? Bounce
    • Sep 29, 2006
      I love what my pens did to your boarder too.... i think.... wow... that is messed. LOVE YOUR AVVY DAHLING!