Stealthy Ninja

Posted Feb 24, 2006, 11:52:05 PM
Even though this ninja is hiding all stealthy like, the lady walking in the room looks like she can smell him or something.  Maybe he has stinky feet?  Or gas?
Hmmmm... :ponders:

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  • Apr 6, 2007
    Your use of lighting and shadows is excellent. You have a nacht for setting great moods to your work.
    • Dec 29, 2008
      Thank you very much for the wonderful comments! Sometimes, I like to try and create a whole scene, something the viewer can attach their own story to.
  • Jan 25, 2007
    Man, that's cool! I've never though of something like that! Friggin Awesome!
    • Dec 29, 2008
      You never thought of something like that? But you are a Stealthy Ninja!! Glad you liked it, and thank you for the fav! Corky Smile
      • Jan 3, 2009
        Yeah, I had never imagined a ninja with stinky feet... or gas, for that matter. You're welcome!
        • Jan 3, 2009
          Ninjas are people, too. Next time you see a ninja, give him a hug. But most likely you won't see him, and he will kill you brutally. Oh No!
          • Jan 12, 2009
            He will try to kill me brutally. However, he made one fatal mistake. He is Japanese, and will thus succumb to my random, badly-explained tentacle monster.
            • Jan 12, 2009
              Laughing *dies laughing* Those tentacles are not phallic at all...

              • Jan 12, 2009
                Phallic... Yes, phallic... Ninja sword is phallic. Japanese tentacle beast is phallic... One fights the other. Coincidence? I think not. I believe we have unraveled a truth; Japanese culture is a giant throbbing metaphor for touching penises together.
                My god...
  • Aug 9, 2006
    Wow! Jump off and say "Surprise!! " haha. Very nice pic, love the shading.
  • Mar 10, 2006
    This is awesome. I love the drawing and the shading. The errie, gloomy light is a nice touch!!! Great job..this is pretty nice!Smile
  • Feb 24, 2006
    ROFL !! haha, wow, sry but his feet must REALLY stink cause her face is cringing,lol. anyways, all of you work so far has been looking really good. you're waaay better with original utincils then me!lol. great job
    • Feb 24, 2006
      If he's gonna hide effectively, he should really wash his feet. What?
      • Feb 24, 2006
        lol, i totally agree,hehe.
        • Mar 18, 2006
          Ya cus of his feet she's going to attack him b4 he can attack her Yo Ninja man go wash ya self she can smell you lol
          • Mar 18, 2006
            lol. ROFL very funny Big Smile
          • Mar 18, 2006
            Even if he washed his feet - the bad breath would still give him away. He should just give up ninja-ing altogether.




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