Plasma (CF1)

Posted Sep 4, 2006, 6:24:45 AM
I've been doing a series of Prisma-pen/sometimes waterpencil pieces lately that, for some reason, really speak to me. They're easier to do than pretty much anything I've done before and yet even when I'm not feeling particularly inspired I can still jot out an essentially brand-new pattern, or at least an interesting variation on an old one. I've discovered that I'm basically obsessed with blues and violets, but I can work on that. I think I've finally found my real creative niche. Of course I'm still going to draw other stuff when I want to, but this stuff is... really satisfying.

Figures I'd end up doing nothing but an endless series of essentially melting-geometrics compositions that consist of nothing but pure form and colour. No subject, no theme except what the colours and shapes say to me. It's pure Riverworking and I love it.

The only problem is that art markers capable of working attractively on the scale I like doing them at are something like $3 apiece... the black ones last literally all of two or three days. I might need to cut back on how many of these I do just to spare my pocketbook, at least until I start being able to sell them. (Incidentally, if anyone's interested I'm doing prints for $20 + S&H if it threatens to devour my profit -- which will probably happen frequently given how low the profit margin is here x.x -- and the originals at varying negotiable prices, starting at $45.)

This is the first one of these I did, officially. It evolved from a previous idea that I'm thinking about modifying so I can include it in the series. I was trying to abstractly depict the Black Spiral in the Shattered Labyrinth,  Tribal namesake and holiest of holy sites to the Dancers of the Black Spiral, but I screwed up the, well, spiralling part. But I just kept going anyway and ended up with this. This is the only one in which the twisting elements actually represent anything in particular -- in this case, they're meant to be spirits and flames, although any other interpretation is equally valid given the nature of the series.

Post your interpretations of each piece when you comment on it. In fact, so as not to bias them, I will not tell you what I see in each piece except through its title, which won't often be terribly helpful. I want to know what other people see in this stuff.

Prismacolour pens (black, ultramarine, purple, crimson red, metallic gold and silver,) watercolour pencil (yellow and various pinks which blended to orange.)

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