Garden WIP

Posted Jul 30, 2006, 11:34:17 PM
I bought a new brand of watercolour pencils, and my first-ever art markers (Prismas) the other day and I started just a general thing to test them out. It rapidly turned into a rather large and involved piece in its own right, though. I was very pleased to discover that not only are the pens awesome, this brand of WCP, at least, works well layered over them. So while this piece is taking me a ridiculous amount of time and effort, it's worth it. This actually isn't the whole piece, as it doesn't fit on the scanner all the way and I cropped some stuff that scanned poorly (all linework sans colour) but it's most of it. The effect of the full piece is somewhat different though, and don't expect the final to look like this much -- all the colour except the two large trees is (mostly-)layered marker, which is just the bottom coat. Above that will go WCP, and likely other things will go above that. I forgot how to work in only one medium at a time years ago. Here's what the final roster will likely look like:

Linework: Black and Cool Grey 90% (no pencil beneath, just freehand pen)
Base Layer: Prismacolour Markers (red, yellow, green, blue, purple, black; Cool Greys 40%, 60%, 90%; gold, silver)
Main Layer: Watercolour Pencil
Finishing: Coloured pencil (Prismas), chalk pastel

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