Dragonball Z: Dark Trunks

Posted Jul 20, 2005, 3:46:46 AM
I found this pose on a photography site and snatched it up. :) I made this as somewhat of a 'sister' image to my drawing 3-5 Servings. I wanted to portray Trunks in a different light...I'm not quite sure I achieved the look I was going for, but, here it is! Ah, Trunks isn't mine...oh, but I wish he was... =P~

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  • Jul 19, 2005
    Very beautiful!! I love it nice job hun!!! Favorite
    • Jul 20, 2005
      Thank you! I'm not a big fan of this one, but, I'm glad you like it! Smile
      • Jul 20, 2005
        Oh its alright I know how you feel! But I like it so that counts lol!! Nice job! Smile
  • Jul 20, 2005
    Hmmm... this one doesn't seem as successful as the first 3-5 servings. Something about that first drawing had feeling to it. I guess because we can't see Trunks' face, he seems almost ghost-like or even as if he's without a soul. Well, that's just what I see in it. Don't mind me....
    • Jul 20, 2005
      I totally agree with you. I've been fiddling with this one for the past couple of days now, not able to get the feel I wanted, and I was pretty sure I didn't have it when I posted it. I don't really like the coloring I did and the black lines are kind of splotchy. *sigh* I can't wait to get back into school...Laughing Thanks for the critique.
  • Jul 21, 2005
    Wow, i really like this one, he makes me think about Mamoru Chiba aka Tuxedo Mask! The light is just perfect! Very Good work!
    • Jul 21, 2005
      Thank you thank you! I'm not a big fan of this one, but it's so nice to see other people enjoying it! Smile
  • Jul 22, 2005
    My God, Heidi... I cannot take my eyes off of it. He looks phenomenal. I love that you portrayed him in your own style. He is every bit as hot as his dad. ^_^ The pose looks wonderful.
    • Jul 22, 2005
      Thank you so much! This is another one of those "not so comfortable with" drawings, but, there are things about it that I love. I love how introspective he looks; I just wish I could have colored it better. *sigh* Oh well! Thanks again! Smile
      • Jul 22, 2005
        Really? I think the coloring is the best part. This is an amazing picture of Trunks in the fact that it is not so ordinary. You should be quite proud of yourself.
        • Jul 23, 2005
          Thank you so much. I still have the drawing, untouched, in my sketchbook, and I think that's how I'm going to leave it. Maybe ink it and color the hair black...Hmmm...Surge of inspiration, thank you!
  • Aug 27, 2005
    3-5 had more contrasts in it, also a strong light source. That's why I think it hasn't turned out to your tastes. What kind of feel did you want in this?
    • Aug 27, 2005
      I wanted it darker and more introspective. His expression, or lack thereof, is what I wanted, but the coloring just didn't come out as I had planned. The lines just look nasty (I get to blame that on my scanner Smile ) and I just don't like the shading job in general; I think it's bad. I've created much better quality work, but I've been in quite a slump lately. Thankfully, college starts monday, so I should slink out of this rut. Thanks for the input; I haven't had many comments on my art as of late. Big Smile
      • Aug 28, 2005
        Hmmm... When you say introspective, you mean that we are looking at Trunk's inner feelings, rather than Trunks looking at his own feelings, right? I'm assuming he has some sort of sadness going on with him, rather than a tired slump- I would've used a depressive pose- a slumpped over the hands type thing, and put the light away from his face to show that he can't see the light. Maybe a tear down his arm. eaning against a wall on his arm maybe. Oh, and used colours like blue and grey to colour it rather than such a warm colour. This help more? Smile
        • Aug 28, 2005
          Most definitely Smile It runs along nicely with the original feeling I had for this. I also wanted this to be so much different than how we usually see Trunks; so dutiful to his father and the challenges he faces, I wanted to show him breaking down. As most of us who portray strength in public situations do, and sometimes break down in private. That's the kind of moment I wanted. And you've captured it in your description! Big Smile
          • Aug 29, 2005
            *nods* I tend to start with what I want the veiwer to feel- sadness. Then I do the pose- what is a sad pose? A slump. Lighting- what do I want to most highlight? Well, not the face, so everything else. What colour best fits the mood- a somber pale blue colour.

            That's how I do my touchy feely pics Smile
  • Dec 28, 2005
    that's hot,lol. i just might steal the pose too, this is awesome, i have yet too see a peice of art in your gallerie i don't like. YOU'RE SO GOOD!!
  • May 9, 2006
    yeah good work i like the way you made him look mystirous i cant spell but i can draw i love it im a big fan of your work
  • Aug 23, 2006
    it's totally awsome i'm in luv your drawing makes trunks actually look cute lol
    • Aug 24, 2006
      Thanks so much! I really appreciate the comment Very Happy




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